The Team

Our experienced staff work together to provide services and counselling programs to Elizabeth Fry Society clients, offered in both group and individual settings. We provide practical services and supports to women of all ages in order to assist them to make positive choices in their lives.

Bryonie Baxter, Executive Director is currently on medical leave to August 1, 2017.

Please contact Ann McSweeney, Acting Executive Director in her absence. Thank you.

Executive Director:

Bryonie Baxter
613-237-7427 ext. 112

Executive Assistant:

Jody Brenton

613-237-7427 ext. 113

Office Administrator:

Reaz Zaman

613-237-7427 ext. 111


Danielle Bowness

613-237-7427 ext. 152

Director of Operations:

Ann McSweeney

613-237-7427 ext. 119

Manager of Adult and Youth Services

Arshina Martin

613-237-7427 ext. 153

Diversion Facilitator

Sabrina Benoit
613-237-7427 ext. 120

Drop-In Coordinator

Sabrina Benoit

Housing Support Worker

Stephanie Teoli
613-237-7427 ext. 117

Community Counsellor:

Tan Bokhari
613-237-7427 ext. 114

Coordinator of Volunteers/Court Support:

Marie-Josée Marion

Relapse Prevention Counsellor:

Arian Platthy

613-237-7427 ext. 151

Community Liaison Worker:

Amanda Macdonald
613-824-6080 ext. 284 or

613-237-7427 ext. 116

Emotion Regulation (Formerly Anger Management ):

Tan Bokhari
613-237-7427 ext. 114

Community Justice Worker

Tania Hasbani

Youth Reintegration/ Youth Diversion Counsellor:

Kimberlee Rivet
613-237-7427 ext 154


Sex Trade Support Worker:

Tan Bokhari
613-237-7427 ext. 114

Indigenous Peer Support Worker

Sunshine Roundpoint
ext. 118

Theft Prevention Program Facilitator:

General & Diversion Women - Tan Bokhari
613-237-7427 ext. 114

Diversion Men - Sabrina Benoit
613-237-7427 ext. 120

Diversion Youth - Kimberlee Rivert
613-237-7427 ext. 154


Manager of Residential Services:

April Bissonnette
613-237-7427 ext. 110


Full-time Residential Support Worker:

Leanne Peterkin -

Catherine Ssozi -

Ashley Everett -