The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa works with young and adult women, who have been or may become criminalized, to reduce harm and oppression, and to contribute to a healthy community.


Values and Guiding Principles

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa is a feminist organization committed to the following values:

  • To work from a human rights and anti-oppression perspective, recongnizing systemic barriers that lead to marginalization.
  • To work from a client-centered perspective.
  • To promote a respectful, diverse and inclusive environment.
  • To recruit and retain skilled employees and foster an engaged workplace.
  • To work in partnership with the greater community, and to take a holistic approach to policies and programming.
  • To respect our clients and partners by providing comprehensive and complementary services.


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa is a leader in the social justice movement and a voice for social change.