Our Mission, Vision & Values


Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa supports and advocates for young and adult women in our community who are criminalized or may become criminalized.


An inclusive and just community without prisons, in which all women live with equality and dignity.


A feminist organization, E Fry Ottawa is:

  • Accountable—we hold ourselves and our community responsible for recognizing and fighting oppression and harm to women, their families and others in our community.
  • Inclusive—we welcome women of all ages, across all cultures and with diverse identities and needs.
  • Focused—our priorities reflect communities of criminalized women including Indigenous women, those exposed to gender-based violence and those living in poverty.
  • Passionate—we are impassioned about our community, our work and our commitment to social justice.
  • Impactful—we work to make a difference in the lives of individual women and in the systems that support or oppress them.
  • Respectful—without judgment, we honour women where they are now and support them to get where they want to be. Equally, we value the work and compassion of our staff.
  • Collaborative—we partner with other community organizations and funders to achieve greater impact and to further common goals.