Court & Prison In-Reach

We provide court support, including court accompaniment services at the Ottawa Courthouse. We offer a diversion (direct accountability) program, based on the principle that individuals (eligible women and men) are held accountable for minor offences by completing sanctions to make amends for their actions. We provide case management for young women in Youth Mental Health Court and on-site community reintegration to support to women in the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre (OCDC).


Court Support and Accompaniment

Marie-Josée Marion

Office: 613-237-7427 (ext. 211)


Custody Release Support

Marie-Josée Marion

Office: 613-237-7427 (ext. 211)


Direct Accountability Program (DAP) – Adults in Ottawa

Tania Hasbani, Community Justice Worker

Office: 613-237-7427 (ext. 210) or 613-239-1117


Diversion Facilitator, Criminal Justice Worker L’Orignal and Ottawa

Ogasso Abdillahi , Community Justice Worker

Office: 613-237-7427 (ext. 121)

Cell: 343-543-6586


Community Reintegration Program – Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre

Tara Hunt, Community Liaison Worker

Office: 613-237-7427 (ext. 123)


Youth Mental Health Court Support

Jenna Campbell, Youth Reintegration Worker

Office: 613-237-7427 (ext. 154)


In-reach Services (Women’s Federal Institutions: Grand Valley Institute and Joliette)

Acting Manager of Residential Services (JF Norwood House)

Office: 613-237-7427  (and there is a phone # for JFN 613-230-2372)

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Toll-free: 1-800-611-4755



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